Friday, July 10, 2009

2009 so far.

Well internet, here's 2009's best caricatures so far.

I like her eyes.

These guys were fun to talk to. She had incredibly long hair, but didn't want to be Rapunzel, and he was a DJ, so I made him a bard. Bards can slay dragons too. Also, I vote this picture for best theme-breaking accessory- not many old-time bards rocked a ball cap. I should have given one of them a wristwatch.

Though not incredibly evident in this photo, the girl on the left was sufficiently paler than the girl on the right. It made for nice contrast. D:

Oh man. You couldn't ASK for a better pair. Freddy and I saw these two walk by, and were kinda bummed when they walked off after asking the prices. Then they came back and got their caricatures done by each of us! We both got to draw them! Huzzah!

I was supposed to work with Oliver, but he went home before I had finished this. This is what I imagine the day would have been like if he hadn't.

We talked about music, she didn't know who Duran Duran were. ):

The rest are from today:

I'm glad I have a picture of this guy, because I want to draw him again. His face is wicked.

Suuuuure. Smile AFTER the caricature. I'll draw braces someday. These two were really really tan. It was kind of impressive.

Drew him while he was drawing (Shhhh, don't tell the boss) . I'd kinda like to try again.

Hmmm.. Leaning forward in that photo lost all of the excellent neck she had.... bah.

Well, more caricaturin' tomorrow and the day after. Hopefully I'll draw something interesting enough to put me off leaving for another week.

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