Friday, July 10, 2009

Best of 2008!

Not much to see here, especially since I didn't get good until about the end of the year, but here goes - chronological order:

I remember this being the first girl drawing that I thought turned out. How exciting.

These guys were awesome. I drew their two kids, and then they decided they wanted one. I remember it started raining really hard that day, and I wound up closing 3 later than I'd thought (we had planned to close 3 at 9:00 that day) leaving them waiting for me at one. I ran into the father in the pouring rain, we were both drenched, but I had triple-bagged the caricatures so all was good. I think that was the first and only time I've ever gotten a hug from someone I've caricatured. A big, wet, Ontario-Quebec hug. Who says we don't get along?

Of course, in the photo her eyes are half-closed. THEY WERE HUGE.

Ah. A picture of Daniel drawn from description alone (thus Andrea). He's running from the crabs that women's underwear might give him. I forget why Ollie's in there. He- he's fun to draw?


  1. HA!!!!!! Man! You need to keep your style of drawing (like the one of you and Ollie) when you do caricatures. I LOVE it!